Zelda Twilight Princess Progress

Got a bit further on Twilight Princess. Finished off the Snowpeak ruins and the Temple of Time, and got to the City in the Sky dungeon. The Temple of Time was pretty cool – some good puzzles in there where you have to move some robots into certain positions to solve things. The boss was easy in this dungeon too. Just shoot the eye till it falls down then bash it with the statues (once you locked on to them):

Moving Statues Spider Boss

Then it was on to the next dungeon. You have to do a fair bit first though because your staff that controls the statues breaks and you gotta fix it, then get hold of a book that contains a magic chant or something to open up a door that leads you to a massive cannon (which then rockets you up to the City in the Sky Dungeon). There was a really cool bit in this part of the game where you have to shoot a load of enemies with your bow without them seeing you, i.e. in stealth. It was in an old hidden village that was like an old cowboy western town (complete with western music). For a minute there I felt just like Clint Eastwood:

Western Village Showdown Repairing the Canon

The City in the Sky dungeon so far is a real pain in the neck. You get another clawshot in this dungeon, and the whole thing is basically you swinging from wall to wall trying not to fall off (and dying). I don’t think I’ve got far to go now in this one, but I’ll be glad when its over:

Wall to wall swinging! More wall to wall swinging! Swinging across revolving fans.

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