Renewed Self Confidence!

I had a great 45 mins snooker practice at the Riley’s club in Folkestone on Saturday, and its given me a new self-belief in my own ability. Recently I’ve been playing pretty poorly but I think its been down to a combination of having a new cue-tip and trying too hard/getting frustrated. I was beginning to lose confidence in myself but in this fairly quick practice session I decided to just try and concentrate *only* on pushing my hand through to the object ball and nothing else. What happened? I buzzed like a buzzard that’s what happened! First visit to the table I cleared the table down to the final pink ball from a lineup (I got the wrong side of the blue and went out of position). I was playing at a fluency that I haven’t felt in years. It felt wonderful, so easy, as though I couldn’t miss. I was actually playing very fast, which may or may not be a good thing, but it has massively restored my self-confidence in my own ability, and now I *know* I still have it in me to make consistent century breaks again. Whenever I’m playing badly or getting frustrated from now on I’m going to look back at this practice session for inspiration and draw some confidence from it. This is even more proof for me that playing good snooker is all in the mind. Let’s see how I get on tonight against Larry!

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