Monday’s Snooker Session

Laurence got off to a blinding start last night with a beauty of a 62 break – the highest of the night – and set the general tone for the evening. The first two best-of-sevens were the highlight of the evening with both of us playing fairly consistently. Generally the breaks broke down due to bad positional play as opposed to missed easy pots, which is a step in the right direction (from my point of view). Laurence ‘lost it’ a bit later on in the evening and admitted that it was because he felt he kept leaving me easy ones when he missed. My guess is this angered/frustrated him slightly which made him lose some determination, which in turn meant he lost the focus he had when he started the session. I then had a bit of a rough patch later on in the evening and put it down to me getting annoyed with the loud music that came on half-way through the session (excuses excuses). All in all though, we had a good night and enjoyed our games:

Me 4-2 Laurence

2-63 (62), 65-26 (41), 68-18 (39), 33-75 (42), 68-40, 69-5 (36)

Me 4-3 Laurence

56-48 (33 [jimbo]), 27-52 (39), 74-5 (41, 33), 62-34, 26-67, 40-54, 44-42

Me 4-0 Laurence

98-8 (39, 58), 51-23, 51-23, 55-36

Me 2-1 Laurence

59-53, 57-34, 29-56 (32)

Session stats:

Frames: 20

Time Taken: 4.75 hrs

Average Frame Time: 14.25 mins

Overall Frame Score: Me 14-6 Laurence

Jimbo breaks: 41, 39, 36, 33, 41, 33, 39, 58, (8 x 20+ breaks)

Laurence breaks: 62, 42, 39, 32, (6 x 20+ breaks)

Jimbo’s rating for Jimbo’s performance: 6/10

Jimbo’s rating for Laurence’s performance: 6/10

Well this is certainly the best I’ve played for a few weeks… although I still feel I can do much better. The two practice sessions I had during the week helped a lot I think. I’m trying to lick 2 things at the moment: getting down on the shot correctly, and keeping my head still on the shot. After videoing myself practicing I noticed that on 99% of shots I raise up and forward slightly as I push the cue through, so I’ve made a promise to myself to practice keeping my head perfectly still on the shot until it becomes ‘grooved’ and I don’t have to think about it. I think my consistency and my game in general will improve leaps and bounds if I can get this one thing licked. It certainly helped last night – especially in my long potting.

One thing I learned from this session is that you can lose your focus by getting irritated or angry at something. My reckoning is that if you get angry/frustrated with something, you begin to lose your determination, which in turn makes you lose focus. To be focused on something you need to be concentrating on it, but you can only really concentrate on something you are sincerely interested in, which you aren’t if you’ve lost your determination. So to put it simply: Anger/frustration leads to loss of determination, which leads to loss of focus, which leads to the dark side!

We did actually video the first 6 or so frames, but it was using my mobile phone and the quality is crap. I need to ask my friend Tony if he can lend me his video camera, since you can’t really see anything of value using my mobile.

One other thing: Laurence mentioned that he sometimes doesn’t get enough reaction when playing with top-spin on the ball. Larry has a very loose grip and I reckon if he gripped *slightly* tighter on the cue when attempting to ‘top’ the ball he might get a bit more of a reaction. When playing back-spin the white is sort of kick-started by the ‘rebound’ off the object ball, so in a way it is helped along. With top however, you have to work against the rebound, and get the white moving forward again, so you have to give it a *bit* more power. That’s my theory anyway! 🙂

One Response to Monday’s Snooker Session

  1. laurence says:

    Quite happy with last night’s snooker sesh. As we didn’t play on Friday it was a week since I’d played and I knew Jimbo had had a practise so I was prepared to be treated like a Turkey at Xmas time. In the first frame this made me quite determined and I kept good concentration. I notice from Jimbo’s stats that we had 4 breaks over 39 in first 4 frames which probably hasn’t happened for a while so can safely say we’re moving forward.

    However Jim was out classing me for most of the evening and it was difficult for me not to get frustrated with myself cos it felt that nearly each time I missed, the bloody ball went over a pocket. With hindsight tho Jimbo was making many shots look easy so I think it was more his good play which affected my concentration. It’s hard to explain because I also like it when he plays well but at the same time I wanna win.

    Must put more practise in or I’ll end up just being jimbo’s referee ho ha. Good incentive I guess. All in all quite a few positives to be drawn from last night.

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