Friday’s Snooker Session

Not the best session in the world, but certainly not the worst!  Laurence started out strong (again) with a nice 51 break, and I had a good run towards the close of the session with a 61. I was especially proud of this break because (a) it was a clearance and (b) because I was focussing totally on keeping my head still – which I believe I did that during all shots in the break:

Me 4-2 Laurence

35-64 (51), 80-8 (32), 73-54, 24-63, 67-33 (32 [laurence]), 58-25

Me 2-1 Laurence

99-19 (61), 44-70 (32 [jimbo]), 72-25

Session stats:

Frames: 9

Time Taken: 2.25 hrs

Average Frame Time: 15 mins

Overall Frame Score: Me 6-3 Laurence

Jimbo breaks: 32, 61, 32, (4 x 20+ breaks)

Laurence breaks: 51, 32, (5 x 20+ breaks)

Jimbo’s rating for Jimbo’s performance: 5/10

Jimbo’s rating for Laurence’s performance: 5/10

Even though it wasn’t the greatest of sessions, I managed to refrain from being irritated or frustrated all night (even when I missed the odd easy one). My guess is that because I’m 100% working on getting my head remaining still on every shot then I’m bound to get worse before I get better – so I’ve kind of accepted it. The 61 clearance for me in this session was definitely the highlight and has given me confidence that when I can keep my head 100% still on every shot without thinking about it, I’ll become a much more consistent player.

One Response to Friday’s Snooker Session

  1. laurence says:

    A reasonable session with James on Friday. Feel a bit frustrated/puzzled that I’ve hit my best break of the evening in the first frame for the last 2 sessions – you’re supposed to get better after you’ve played a few frames! This makes me feel sure that I need to sort my head out and not get too down when I miss a relatively easy shot.
    James had this side of things well sorted on Friday – stayed positive all evening regardless. Plus the music wasn’t blaring (we’ve worked out that when the Juke Box is playing the music is twice as loud) and the other tables were quiet so all in all a good evening.
    While James is working on a ‘steady’ head during striking the ball I’m gonna be working on playing at a more even pace. To date my game ranges from ‘crazy quick’ to ‘careful slow’ so will see how it goes later!

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