Monday’s Snooker Session

Well, trying to keep my head still seemed difficult tonight. I was ok to start with but as the evening went on I got more and more concerned with (a) the music being so loud, (b) the fight that nearly broke out on another table, and (c) the bar girl who kept walking past us all the time! By the end of the evening I didn’t really care too much about snooker… I just wanted to go home. Oh, and I had a stiff neck too. And I was tired. Want any more excuses?

Me 4-2 Laurence

49-34, 29-75, 3-82 (48), 52-27, 43-18, 81-15 (34)

Me 4-3 Laurence

55-65, 20-71, 53-3, 71-21 (38), 44-64, 59-53, 59-29 (30)

Me 0-3 Laurence

24-65 (31), 57-61, 40-45

Session stats:

Frames: 16

Time Taken: 4.5 hrs

Average Frame Time: 17 mins

Overall Frame Score: Me 8-8 Laurence

Jimbo breaks: 34, 38, 30, (4 x 20+ breaks)

Laurence breaks: 48, 31, (6 x 20+ breaks)

Jimbo’s rating for Jimbo’s performance: 3/10

Jimbo’s rating for Laurence’s performance: 4/10

Laurence didn’t play too great tonight either, and I honestly think we can put it down to the loud music and general atmosphere in the club. I mean, do pros have to deal with this level of distraction? It makes me wonder how well we’d play under ideal conditions. Larry suggested we try ear-plugs next time… haha I guess we’ll be telling each other’s scores in sign-language.

On a plus note, I think I hit upon something good during the session, which, if I’d have been more motivated, I believe would have got me playing a lot better… Instead of talking to myself on every shot like I sometimes do (“keep your head still, look at the object ball, slowly back…” etc.) I just looked at the balls in front of me and visualised how I’d play the shot, but I’d really try to *feel* what it would be like to actually play the shot perfectly. I’d really try to feel the sensations happening in my hands/arms etc, then I’d get down on the shot with a much better feel for it… almost as if I’d only just done it. I think this sort of “feel-visualisation” could really help as it de-clutters the mind and lets you get much more of a natural feel for a shot. I figure it also helps since you give your mind a much clearer image of what you want to achieve. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and in this instance I can see where they’re coming from.

3 Responses to Monday’s Snooker Session

  1. laurence says:

    Jimbo didn’t have a great session by his standards. Looking at the stats he’s had 3x 30+ breaks only, which explains why I managed to win the same amount of frames as he.

    We’ve been playing at this new club since November and at first were really happy just to be playing on a nice table (don’t think there is another table in our area that would play 75% as good as this one) but as time has gone on I’ve gone from thinking come on stop making excuses and concentrate to ‘F@*! in hell – it’s impossible to keep concentration in this environment’. What struck me on Monday was that when Jimbo and me called out each other scores we had to repeat what we had said many times coz we can’t hear each other. I also noticed how little we say to each other which would normally show how focussed we are but in this instance it is only because it’s too strenuous to listen.

    Obviously we are both passionate about snooker and I’m sure we both want to continue for the foreseeable future but how we can overcome this problem – I’m not sure! There is talk of the place being extended and the snooker tables going into their own area so fingers crossed. In the mean time I might have to opt for ear plugs!!!

  2. The Statman says:

    If there is loud music blaring at your club, you should find a different club!

  3. jimbo says:

    Easier said than done! The snooker club situation in Folkestone is a nightmare. 2 other clubs really… one stinks of smoke and the tables are terrible, the other has the tables too close together so you end up sitting on another table to play certain shots. Only other option is to drive to Ashford or something (20 mins drive). I used to live in Maidstone, and they had a cracking club called the “Serious Snooker Club”, which is Gerard Green’s home club (I played him a couple of times). Shame there’s nothing like that in Folkestone! 😦

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