Monday’s Snooker Session

That’s more like it! This is the best session we’ve had for a while. The tempo was quick, the frustration kept to a minimum, the music wasn’t too loud, and we both really enjoyed it. Highlight of my night was a 97 clearance (shame there wasn’t more on!). I feel a century on its way real soon! 🙂 Larry played pretty well, and could have had many more breaks but for a bit of carelessness on some crucial balls. To only lose by 2 frames tho with me playing like I did speaks for itself. Nice one Larry.

Me 4-3 Laurence

81-22 (51), 77-24 (40), 19-57, 7-54, 69-24 (54), 35-58, 60-53

Me 4-3 Laurence

88-2 (51, 32), 116-22 (97), 36-60, 50-73 (38 [laurence]), 28-55 (41), 60-30, 49-8 (47)

Me 4-1 Laurence

71-20 (55), 65-58 (respotted black), 63-10 (48), 12-64 (46), 73-44 (33 [laurence])

Me 0-3 Laurence

58-59 (37 [jimbo]), 46-16, 40-58 (34 [laurence])

Session stats:

Frames: 22

Time Taken: 4.75 hrs

Average Frame Time: 13 mins

Overall Frame Score: Me 12-10 Laurence

Jimbo breaks: 51, 40, 54, 51, 32, 97, 47, 55, 48, 37, (10 x 20+ breaks)

Laurence breaks: 38, 41, 46, 33, 34, (13 x 20+ breaks)

Jimbo’s rating for Jimbo’s performance: 7/10

Jimbo’s rating for Laurence’s performance: 7/10

Ever since I’ve started playing again after years away from the game, I’ve been trying to consciously control my shots in one way or another: some games I’d try and keep my head still, some games I’d try and walk into the shot correctly, some games I’d try to force myself to look at the object ball as I strike the cueball, etc.. I’ve actually noticed that in an effort to get back to my old best I’ve not been letting my ‘old best’ come out. Let me explain… Years ago, when playing the best snooker of my life, I didn’t care one bit about stance, head, alignment, cue-action, sighting and all that bollocks. I just got down and tried to pot the balls. What seems to have happened is that after my 10 year break from the game, I expected to be able to play just as well as I used to, but in reality I couldn’t, so I started to think there must be something wrong with my technique (well, not necessarily wrong, but in need of improvement). The problem is that during the last few months I’ve become obsessed with ‘getting things right’, to the extent that I was concentrating more on that than actually trying to pot the balls! How are you supposed to give each shot 100% attention if you have 90% of it on something like keeping your head still? Well, basically, you can’t.

Last night I just couldn’t be bothered with all that conscious control and just wanted to play freely and naturally. I just tried to pot the balls and get position, like I used to, and the results were pleasantly surprising! As well as playing better than I have for ages, I actually enjoyed the freedom of letting my body do what it wanted to do on the shot. I realised that my natural stance is different to what I’ve been *forcing* my body to do, and my natural speed is different to what I’ve been *forcing* by speed to be. It may be less technically correct, but it was *way* more fun, and actually improved my results.

So for now my plan is to keep all conscious controlling thoughts for the practice table when I play on my own, and just play freely and naturally in my games, and just try to pot the balls like I used to (and enjoy it).

I’ll probably change my mind again next week. 😉

2 Responses to Monday’s Snooker Session

  1. laurence says:

    Buzzing from last night’s sesh. We made a conscious decision to just play and not try too hard and the results were good. It also really helped that the music was quieter and the club in general was much quieter too so no complaints this week!!! James started off like a 100m sprinter and I wondered if I could compete but as time went on we both hit some form and it felt great. Once I’d reached 25 I was actually extremely careless and broke down time after time but I’m gonna take the positives from last night and simply concentrate more (but not play any slower) when I get to 25 or so.
    James had a great 97 in about as many seconds and that was straight after getting a 51 and a 32 in the frame b4! I’ve never doubted that Jimbo will get regular centuries in the not too distant future which I believe might inspire me to hit a century also. That would be a great goal for me.
    Let’s hope it continues!

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