Arrgh I Cut My Hand!!!

I’m actually typing this one-handed since I just cut my left hand while doing the washing up. I was trying to push the sponge pad into a glass to clean the inside of it and WHAM the pain hit me! 😦 The rim of the glass had a chip in it and sliced (quite deeply) right between my 4th and little fingers. So after about 10 mins of mopping up blood I now have a plaster on it. It’s a really nasty inconvenient place to get a cut since you move those 2 fingers all the time… which means its gonna take ages to heal properly.  Lets hope it doesn’t affect my snooker too much!

One Response to Arrgh I Cut My Hand!!!

  1. Cameee..b says:

    omg! this is the first time ive actually bin into your blog! wow-right-im guna have to do one to think of stuff first tho-shouldnt take to long-already thought up sum bits n u have a healed hand now then? that must’ve bin sooo ‘bloody’ painful! cya soon..cb:)

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