Monday’s Snooker Session

April 10, 2007

This is the first session we’ve played in a while, and it didn’t go too badly. Larry’s head was nowhere to be seen for the first 10 frames, but then a 96 break from yours truly, along with a quick pep talk, kicked his ass into gear.

Me 4-0 Laurence

68-16, 59-35, 68-43, 66-5 (31)

Me 4-0 Laurence

68-11 (37), 44-12, 74-14 (40), 61-38 (37)

Me 3-4 Laurence

81-38, 100-0 (96), 31-52 (32), 54-66, 27-58, 47-8, 49-55

Me 1-2 Laurence

25-66 (33), 80-26 (66), 24-54

Session stats:

Frames: 18

Time Taken: 4.25 hrs

Average Frame Time: 14 mins

Overall Frame Score: Me 12-6 Laurence

Jimbo breaks: 31, 37, 40, 37, 96, 66, (9 x 20+ breaks)

Laurence breaks: 32, 33, (2 x 20+ breaks)

Jimbo’s rating for Jimbo’s performance: 7/10

Jimbo’s rating for Laurence’s performance: 4/10

Highlight for me was my 96 break. I was on for a 147, but unfortunately overhit the 12th black and ended up leaving myself an awkward 13th red with the rest, which I wobbled in the jaws of the pocket. Up till that point I felt really good. I knew I was on for a 147, but I didn’t really feel any pressure, and felt quite confident on all the shots. So there’s another near century for me to add to the books… jeez I must be due one soon!

I must admit ever since I stopped controlling my shots consciously, I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed playing so much more. My “twitch” has practically vanished, and when I’ve not played so well its usually been down to bad concentration – which is great as it gives me something positive to work on. I *know* that if I can concentrate well then I’ll be more than able to make big breaks and as a result from tonight’s session I’m really looking forward to the next one!

One thing I noticed from my own game last night (and to some extent Larry’s) is what I tend to do when I am concentrating well: I’m thinking about exact position and the path the white will take, not just “that’ll do”. I walk into the shot slowly, really trying to find the exact angle of the pot. I’m looking at the object ball more than the white, and I’m concentrating hard on the shot as a whole, but I don’t have any particular thoughts running through my head (like “keep your head still”, “follow through”, etc). I’m not really playing slower than I usually do, but my mind has focus, and its in the present – 100% absorbed with what’s going on.

I think in order to get to this level of concentration, you sometimes have to put some extra effort in. For the first few frames I found my mind was wandering quite a bit. I’d have concentration as I approached each shot, but sort of lost it somewhere during it. I forced myself to really concentrate on the whole shot, from start to finish, and after a while it started to come together. 🙂

Larry’s mind was all over the place at the start – I’ve rarely seen him miss so many sitters as he did in the first 10 frames, but after the “147 attempt” from me, he soon got his wits about him and got some frames on the board.