Day 12: Back to Tokyo

Had to be out of the room by 11am, so we had breakfast then headed off. The Shinkansen took about 3 hours to get from Kyoto to Tokyo (hmm.. I’ve just realised that if you say Tokyo over and over again you end up saying Kyoto over and over again) and this time we got a really good view of Mount Fuji as we passed it, as the sky was clear and the sun was shining. Its a shame we were on the wrong side of the train to see Mount Fuji properly (we’d have had to wait an hour for the next train if we wanted a seat on the ‘Fuji’ side), but even so we managed to see it ok through the opposite windows.

Once checked in at the hotel we went out to Odaiba again (we enjoyed it lots last time, and wanted to go back there for shopping). There were some great views of the Rainbow Bridge today, much better then the first time we came when it was all overcast. We shopped around a bit for a couple of hours, bought a few things, then went for dinner at the burger place (I had to go back there one last time!)… only this time I forgot to say “well done” so the burger came all pink in the middle and half cooked. D’oh! Oh well, serve me right for wanting another burger! By the time we got back to the hotel I was absolutely shattered, so I uploaded a few photos then got an early night. Tokyo Game Show tomorrow!

One Response to Day 12: Back to Tokyo

  1. Laura says:

    Brits abroad! Hooray! xxx

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