Zelda Twilight Princess Progress

February 7, 2007

I played a bit more Zelda on the Wii last night and got right up to the boss in the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon. Quite liked this one really: there’s some good puzzles, bits that stump you for a bit and make you really think. There’s some good enemies to fight too, such as these big skeleton things that chuck spears at you (tip: use shield to repel) and the little bastards that glide around on the ice and ‘freeze’ you if they touch you (tip: use the clawshot to get from a distance). The dungeon had a couple of hard bits, the worst one for me was the knight with the ball and chain. I must’ve done this about 20 times before I nailed the sucker (I had about 3 hearts which didn’t help – duh I should have gone back and got some more heart-replacing soup from the yeti monster), but once I got the ball and chain (way cool weapon btw) the level was pretty easy. This game never ceases to amaze me with all the new weapons and ways you can use them.

Here’s the ball-and-chain knight in all his glory:

Zelda Twilight Princess Snowpeak Ruins Ball and Chain Knight