Sesame Street Pinball Cartoon

March 2, 2007

Remember this? The creators must have all been on Acid or something… its awesome. Listen to the screams… SEVEN…… FIVE….. ELEVEN!! Hahahaha… superb!

A few of my old computer tunes

February 20, 2007

Was digging around my hard drive tonight and came across these old gems from the 80’s (I use the word *gems* in the loosest sense of the word). These are a few of my old computer game music tracks written using SoundTracker on the Commodore Amiga. Unfortunately they were recorded to mp3 format from a tape recorder, so the quality ain’t too great, but they’re still listenable. Kate thinks they are twiddly, but personally I think it shows what a musical genius I am… 😉

A Herd of Bees (1:29)
Crazy little ditty this. Named after a famous quote by Sally Cowell (an old friend from my snooker past): “That motorbike sounded just like a herd of bees.” The song actually sounds nothing like a herd of bees.

Frantic (1:01)
This tune’s main chord sequence is from a song from Les Miserables. Ooh I feel so naughty.

Sesame Street Tune (1:20)
Remember those bits in Sesame Street where they’d show a corny video clip of some animals grazing to crappy cheesy music? Well that was the inspiration for this piece!

Silly Tune (1:05)
Short and twiddly. I quite like this one!

Listening to these again brought back a lot of fond memories and has made me want to plug in the old keyboard again and try composing some new stuff.