The building has started

August 25, 2007

Got up early today (as Kate went into work to do overtime) and finally made a start on building my arcade cabinet. For those not in the know, I want to be able to play all the old arcade games on my own custom built cab, with a rotatable monitor and swappable control panels (so I can play all the horizontal and vertical arcade games, with the right controls).

Here’s a pic of my Sketchup plans for the cab…

Sketchup plans

…and here’s what I did today: the rotating frame for the monitor…


For loads more info an pics on this hobby project of mine, checkout my JIMBO’s scratch designed upright cab… thread over at the forum at

Gamebase64 on YouTube!

August 24, 2007

Hahahaha look what someone did on YouTube… a tutorial/intro on using GB64 – the C64 games database that uses the frontend that I wrote (GameBase). This guy really sold it to me, I gotta admit, just listen to his soothing voice. LOL! 🙂

100 reasons why C64 rulez…

August 24, 2007

Sesame Street Pinball Cartoon

March 2, 2007

Remember this? The creators must have all been on Acid or something… its awesome. Listen to the screams… SEVEN…… FIVE….. ELEVEN!! Hahahaha… superb!

A few of my old computer tunes

February 20, 2007

Was digging around my hard drive tonight and came across these old gems from the 80’s (I use the word *gems* in the loosest sense of the word). These are a few of my old computer game music tracks written using SoundTracker on the Commodore Amiga. Unfortunately they were recorded to mp3 format from a tape recorder, so the quality ain’t too great, but they’re still listenable. Kate thinks they are twiddly, but personally I think it shows what a musical genius I am… 😉

A Herd of Bees (1:29)
Crazy little ditty this. Named after a famous quote by Sally Cowell (an old friend from my snooker past): “That motorbike sounded just like a herd of bees.” The song actually sounds nothing like a herd of bees.

Frantic (1:01)
This tune’s main chord sequence is from a song from Les Miserables. Ooh I feel so naughty.

Sesame Street Tune (1:20)
Remember those bits in Sesame Street where they’d show a corny video clip of some animals grazing to crappy cheesy music? Well that was the inspiration for this piece!

Silly Tune (1:05)
Short and twiddly. I quite like this one!

Listening to these again brought back a lot of fond memories and has made me want to plug in the old keyboard again and try composing some new stuff.